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May 6, 2009

The diary of a courageous, smart, young girl

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diary-of-a-young-girlFrank, A. (1967). Anne Frank: diary of a young girl. New York: Doubleday division of Random House Inc.
Genre: Autobiography/biography
Grades: 6th-9th

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl is a true and moving story about a young Jewish girl who experienced the Holocaust and concentration camps. On Anne’s thirteenth birthday, June 12th 1942, she received a diary that she used to write about what she was experiencing in life. At first the diary is filled with a normal young teenager’s life until Semitism really starts taking place in her life. As she starts to experience the Nazi’s and hardships related to that, her diary begins to be filled with fear, nervousness, and many other feelings.  Her family was forced into hiding once the Navi’s invaded the Netherlands. Anne went through so much adversity and hard times in which she wrote about in her diary. It is easy to see how Anne matured through her writing, since her mannerisms begin to change as she gets older and more experienced. This novel shows great strength and courage despite the end of the story. As she matures, in her writing it is clear to see that she starts to come to peace with her fate. Since she is aware of her fate, as it approaches she is very courageous and calm through this devastating part of her life. The power of this book lies in the reality of the life she was living. Since Anne was a real person it is easy for the reader to identify with the fear and nervousness that she endured. This book is perfect for your classroom if you have a Holocaust unit. By reading this primary source students will be able to get a firsthand view of what the Holocaust was and how dreadful it was. Even though this is not the most upbeat book, the Holocaust is a necessary part of history to learn about and this piece of literature is perfect for that.

About the Author:

anne-frankAnne Frank was a victim of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party. Up until age 13 Anne thought she lived a normal life until her family went into hiding in 1942. Since the Nazi’s were looking for Jewish people to take to concentration camps, she and her family were in great danger. Her life ends, with millions of other Jews, in a concentration camp. Information was found at



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