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March 17, 2009

The “remix” of the Little Red Hen

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little-red-hen1Sturges, P. (1999). The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza). Dutton Children’s Books: New York.
Genre: Picture book, Fantasy
Grades: 3-5

This hilarious “remake” brings a fun twist of the original Little Red Hen story yet still displays the very important moral of the story. The little red hen decides she wants to make a pizza, instead of a loaf of bread, she asks if anyone of her friends would like to help but they all decline. Therefore she goes to the store multiple times by herself and creates this massive pizza, all alone. When the pizza is made, unlike the original story, she invites her friends to eat the pizza with her, despite their lack of help. But when the hen asks if anyone wants to help do the dishes, all of her friends volunteer to help. Even though the hen allows them enjoy the food that they did not help to eat, an important message is still portrayed through the story. I think the message is that kindness and sharing is always important. Even though she received no help but she still was nice and offered them pizza. Her kind actions were returned with her friends offering to do the dishes and clean up. In this comical story, it is clear to see how the story is modernized through the colorful and silly illustrations. This picture book is a great read for a classroom of older elementary students, they will be able to make the connection between the original story and understand the moral. If you are looking for a amusing picture book filled with laughter and bright colors, this is the perfect book for you!

About the Author

philemonPhilemon Sturges’ love for pizza came about through living in Italy for many years. His hobbies include making elaborate pizzas but he is really an architect and children’s book author. Other books include, The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Pinata for the Pinon Tree, and How Do You Make a Baby Smile? Information about Sturges was found at


About the Illustrator

amy-wal1The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) was Amy Walrod’s second picture book. She has illustrated many works including Horace and Morris Say Cheese (Which Makes Dolores Sneeze!), The Little Pirate, and How to Make Friends With a Giant. This isn’t the only time Walrod has worked with  Philemon Sturges, they also collaborated on The Little Pirate. Information about Amy Walrod was found at


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